This document serves solely for the purpose of acquainting readers with the Australian-Brazilian feature-length action drama, titled BACKFIRE. It is important to note that this document does not constitute an official circular, private placement memorandum, nor does it involve the offering or sale of any company securities. Its primary objective is to provide an overview of the project, including its premise, themes, synopsis and intended impact.


The collaborative effort between Jean Pierre Dutilleux of Rio de Janeiro and Bill Leimbach of Lucky Country Productions of Sydney Australia aims to produce an international Action-Drama Feature Film and Movie Sound Track with a strong love interest and a climate action theme. It will be shot it the Amazon Rainforest, Manaus City and Rio de Janeiro and post produced in Australia by GABBA POST. Focused on creating a commercially viable film, the project endeavours to combine compelling storytelling with a poignant exploration of current environmental issues. By leveraging the talents of both Brazilian and Australian filmmakers and talent, the goal is to craft a dramatic experience that resonates globally, sparking conversations and fostering awareness about the urgent need for environmental preservation and a sustainable future for our planet.


A rare opportunity exists in the motion picture industry today, with a substantial worldwide growth of new markets for ‘Independent Films’ under 20 million dollars. The Producers are presently seeking expressions of interest to help develop this modestly budgeted feature length motion picture.

The Movie and Soundtrack are being set up for interested parties to join us through developing and producing this unique, important project and to share in the benefits and proceeds that may occur. There will be a pre-arranged distribution road to both audiences, and participants will be able to see the recovery model for their participation.


BACKFIRE follows the exciting journey of Australian Doctor Claire Bonnell as she ventures into the heart of the Amazon rainforest in a desperate bid to aid the ailing Koruba tribe, afflicted by a mysterious and almost incurable disease. However, her noble intentions are thwarted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, blocking her access to the tribe. Undeterred, Claire seizes an opportunity to hitch a ride with a helicopter purportedly bound for the Koruba, only to discover she’s been deceived and taken to a mining company next to the Koruba – and the company won’t take her on to the Koruba until she tends to the ailments and accidents of its workforce.

As Claire learns more of this gold mining operation, she discovers it is a coverup for a more lucrative game – logging the trees of the surrounding rainforest – soon to be worth more than the diminishing gold reserves they currently seek.

Finally dropped into the Koruba village she finds no one and soon lost and stranded in the unforgiving wilderness. Claire’s disappearance reaches her father, the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who demands the Embassy in Brasília find her. The Consul in Manaus tries to enlist the aid of Marco Andrade, a disgruntled riverboat owner, not only familiar with the treacherous waters of the Amazon, but an expert on the Koruba tribe. Virtually forced into agreeing to assist, Marco finds Claire using his ultra-light plane contraption – but crashes into the dense trees doing so.

Together now, but without any transport out, they form an unlikely alliance as they struggle through the perilous landscape, only to find themselves ensnared in a deadly conflict between the angry loggers and the embattled Koruba tribe. Marco finds a new Marco and once again fights for his Amazon tribal brothers – not without the help of his new found love interest, the indefatigable Australian Dr. Claire.

But the stakes escalate as Claire and Marco, once back in Manaus, are blamed for the dead Koruba. They must not only confront police, but the powerful mining conglomerate and its hired army as well – with no help or support from Manaus officials or the Australian Embassy.

Amidst the chaos and danger, Claire and Marco head back into the depth of the Amazon determined to not only thwart the mining company’s destructive logging agenda forever, but to clear their name and protect the remaining Koruba territory.

BACKFIRE is a gripping climate-adventure as well as a warm love story – a tale of vengeance, resilience, redemption, and the unyielding spirit of survival in the face of insurmountable odds.


Dutilleau and Leimbach feel now is the time to use their mutual successes, experiences and concerns for the environment, to tell this strong story set against the backdrop of environment destruction and genocide in the Amazon. As Jean Pierre working with President Lula da Silva said, ‘Now is the time to bring awareness to the Lungs of the Earth, the whole world is watching’.

The Movie will be shot in the Amazon and Rio de Janeiro and post-produced in Sydney, Australia. Both companies will manage the project and its film production elements. It will create a relationship to develop, produce, sell and distribute the final product – a 100 minute feature length film 
for domestic and International Cinema, Television and Streaming (SVOD).

Dutilleux and Leimbach have been working together for 40 years. Their first film was a tribal film for the BBC in Indonesian New Guinea (Irian Jaya) narrated by David Attenborough, called ASMAT. They then worked together on the Oscar nominated RAONI in 1976. Since then Jean Pierre has continued to produce and direct over 20 films in the Tribal World.


The Budget includes all film development costs including producers’ fees, directors’ fees, principal cast, crew, equipment, editing, music rights, digital graphics, animation, financing, legals, overheads, insurances and contingencies. The budget will also incorporate carbon accounting, emissions reductions and environmental consultancy to ensure the production of this film is as light touch as possible. A copy of the complete Budget will be made available to those expressing an interest in participating.

Gabba Post will handle all post production in Australia, where they intend to receive 35-45% rebate on all Australian editing, sound, grading and deliverables.


The participants in the project will share in proceeds from first dollar pro rata – from global theatrical territories. In addition to the main Cinema markets, they will share in returns from streaming SVOD, Free to Air TV, Pay TV, interactive TV, online transmission, DVD and all transmission platforms now and in the future.

Important to note is that the current 2024 value of the Climate Action market is estimated to be 20 billion US dollars, expected to rise to 180 billion by 2033. Together with an action-packed and tense Drama, this movie could see a maximum ROI.


Independent productions 
under 20 million US dollars are now vying for, and winning, top awards, competing at the box office and commanding enormous 
sales. The exploding world of Streaming TV will allow our Production even more new opportunities, for years ahead. These movies have the potential to find themselves in a profit position sooner than expensive ‘Hollywood movies’, and when viewed in terms of percentage returns on investment, the figures can be quite positive. It should always be kept in mind, however, there is no guaranteed formula for success in the Entertainment Industry.


We are in a climate and biodiversity crisis, and the need to respond is beyond urgent. If the world is to have any chance of reaching zero emissions by 2040, we need to move quickly. Over the next critical and defining decade, Film Makers will have a powerful and important role in getting the message out there, communicating solutions, changing cultural norms and bringing communities together for collection action.
The creative industry is at the forefront of thinking and speaking up about these challenges and acting as a catalyzing change. The Producers of BACKFIRE hope to share a new and different way to raise awareness to the plight of the Amazon.


Producer Jean Pierre Dutilleux
Jean-Pierre is a renowned Brazilian filmmaker celebrated for his impactful documentaries focusing on social and environmental issues. Born in Belgium, Dutilleux gained international recognition for his collaboration with legendary actor Marlon Brando on the Oscar-nominated film RAONI. Released in 1978, RAONI highlighted the plight of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest, shedding light on the threats posed by deforestation and modernization. Dutilleux’s work reflects a commitment to raising awareness about pressing global concerns while employing powerful storytelling techniques to engage audiences worldwide. The film RAONI won Best Film of the Year in Brazil and the Sequel is about to be released in the country next month.

This new Action Drama feature film script delves deep into the heart of the Amazon, weaving a fictional narrative that intertwines the harrowing realities of deforestation and the plight of tribal peoples facing extinction. For Dutilleux, this isn’t just another project; it’s a timely call to shed light on the changes ravaging the Amazon Rainforest. With BACKFIRE he aims to excite global cinema lovers as well as ignite conversations and awaken consciousness to the urgent need for preservation and empathy in the face of environmental and human crises.

Co Writer Reg Cribb
Reg Cribb’s prize winning experience in the International film industry helps ensure the script captures all the excitement and drama intended for the big screen. With a notable track record Cribb brings a wealth of expertise to the table, finely tuning the script to amplify the narrative’s impact and resonance. His collaboration with Dutilleux elevates BACKFIRE to new heights, infusing it with the depth and intensity necessary to engage audiences as well as spark meaningful conversations about the pressing environmental issues it addresses. A list of his work can be found at

Co Producer Bill Leimbach
Bill is a seasoned filmmaker with over 40 years of experience in both the UK and Australian Film and TV industries. He began his career in London, where he spent a decade working in various capacities before relocating his production company to Australia in the 1980s. Throughout his career, Leimbach has served as both a producer and director, delivering 25 films for networks worldwide, including National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, ABC, SBS, and Australian commercial channels like 7, 9 and 10.

Leimbach has made four films in Brazil: RAONI, for Dutilleux’ company, JANGADEIROS, for the BBC and UMBANDA also for the BBC. He was Producer and Director of FIRST FLEET, the story of the 1788 discovery voyage to Australia, spending 35 days in Rio de Janeiro.

His Australian company’s most successful box office film was the award-winning war drama feature film BENEATH HILL 60, which received 14 Australian Film Award nominations and still plays on Paramount SVOD today. His work on the BBC’s MUSICAL MARINER earned him nominations for Best Director and Best Documentary. Currently, Leimbach is producing a climate action musical documentary titled ‘LIME CORDIALE: On the Road to a Better Tour’, showcasing his ongoing commitment to innovative storytelling in both Music and Drama. A more complete list of Leimbach’s work can be seen on

Music. Australian-Brazilian
The sound track will be rich with Brazilian and Australian music. Multi award winning band Lime Cordiale are one of the buzziest acts in the world at the moment. Their infectious performances and generous interactions with their fans are being appreciated and hailed all around the globe. They will collaborate with the best musicians in Brazil to create a soundtrack to become as valuable as the film itself.


The Producers are making a major Brazilian-Australian Movie for the Global market, written by Academy Award nominee Jean Pierre Dutilleux together with Australian co writer Reg Cribb. The production is being executed by a talented and thoroughly experienced team of professionals from both Australia and Brazil. The chosen Director will be skilled in the art of filmmaking and also have a keen interest in Environmental issues.

The Movie will have a wide-reaching climate impact and develop a comprehensive sustainability report, as well as a set of resources and additional information for people to engage with the issues of De Forestation and Tribal Genocide.

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity. For more information, please contact:

[email protected]
International phone. +61 414 425519

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