Caroline’s War

Caroline’s War (nee ‘Vale Valhalla’) To MIPTV, Cannes.

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After five months, the treatments for the TV production, Vale Valhalla (now called CAROLINE’S WAR) are finished and now make a glossy new presentation booklet! ¬†They come hot off the printing press with brand spanking new graphics,which were designed by Ms Katerina Stratos (who also put together the wonderfully evocative Banjo & Matilda flyers). Soon to be seen! But we couldn’t have done it without our brilliant writing team , Vicki Madden and our Showrunner, Jeremy Sims, who worked tirelessly in breaking down the book to get it in shape for TV. With the glossy presentation ¬†booklets in tow, Producer Bill Leimbach and head of Reg Grundy legal...

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Joy Chambers-Grundy meets Jeremy Sims

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Joy Chambers arrives in Miami, where she finally gets to meet her new SHOWRUNNER, Jeremy Sims. There, they set out to make some big decisions on how to adapt her book, VALE VALHALLA, into a TV mini series. Sims and Producer, Bill Leimbach, were already in the States for the American Film Market in LA, so a coast-to-coast hop couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. With Jeremy as Showrunner, he guided the team into their first serious collaborative breakdown of the Book for TV. It proved to be a wonderful collaboration, with many new advancements made, dramatisations visualised, and character relationships investigated. It looks like the mission will be to create...

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‘Vale Valhalla’ at American Film Market 2011

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This Joy Chambers (wife of Reg Grundy) production will be one of the 3 projects that Lucky Country Productions will take to this year’s American Film Market , held Nov 2-9. A week long event where we will be looking to attract sales agents, talent, and possible co-production partners.           THE TEAM (L-R) Show runner: Jeremy Sims ; Author: Joy Chambers ; Script Editor: Vicki...

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