Ghost Train

GHOST TRAIN is a two part feature film, full of Crime, Music and 1970s Pop Art and music. As a young artist Martin Sharp risks everything to find out the truth behind  the tragic Luna Park fire, that killed 6 children and one adult in 1979.

Martin’s quest to solve the Ghost Train mystery becomes an obsession, as he digs further into the lives of the myriad characters involved in the fight for this ‘Jewel of Sydney Harbour’, including Mr Sin of Kings Cross Abe Saffron, NSW Premier Neville Wran, Property Tycoon Leon Fink, American  Crooner Tiny Tim, Rock Star Eric Clapton, and the Friends of Luna Park. 

As he gets closer to putting the pieces of the puzzle together, his own life is in jeopardy. How far will Martin go before Fire destroys his life as well? Will he have the time and resources to do this and still honour his commitment to make a film about Tiny Tim.

Directed by Tony Tilse (UNDERBELLY, WOLF CREEK)
Producer Bill Leimbach (BENEATH HILL 60)
Written by Ian David
Revised by Bill Leimbach
Executive Producer Michael Gudinski (MUSHROOM PICTURES)
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