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Singapore Sunset is currently being developed with Mandaley Perkins of Tregantle Productions.

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour in December 1941, to disable the US Pacific fleet.

At the same time they attacked Singapore from the air, marking the beginning of a campaign to take Singapore and Malaya.

Within two days the Prince of Wales, Britain’s newest battleship and the pride of the Royal Navy, had been sunk and lay at the bottom of the South China Sea. With her went the battlecruiser, Repulse, and over 800 men. Within two months the Japanese had taken the whole of the Malayan Peninsula and landed troops on the island of Singapore in Feb 1942. In a stunning shock to the residents of Singapore, only a week later the British surrendered and both the allied forces and British civilians were incarcerated under the Japanese.

While Pearl Harbour has been well told on film, the WW2 story of the fall of Singapore has  never been fully explored on the big screen.  It’s one of the most infamous battles in Britain’s war history and a very big canvas for a feature film.

Bill Leimbach, Producer of the Best Australian Film of the Year nominee BENEATH HILL 60, is used to big ideas. He recreated France and Belgium battlefields entirely in Australia for his WWI film and his design team won awards for their efforts.  Leimbach is now ready to take on recreating Singapore in the 1940’s. For SINGAPORE SUNSET Leimbach will join forces with 3D expert Andrew Wight, who has just finished Sanctum with James Cameron. Together they will combine the finest digitally generated imagery and the latest innovations in 3D with the best traditional international film model makers, to create a Singapore which for over two harrowing months was at the end of the world.  But SINGAPORE SUNSET is more than an action film.

It’s also full of emotion, intrigue, history and international romance.

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