Banjo & Matilda – Feature

Like BENEATH HILL 60, this story is a very unknown part of Australian History.   Many know that Banjo Paterson wrote WALTZING MATILDA and that it has become almost a National Anthem. They may also know that the SWAGMAN from the song drowns in the Billabong, calling out the now infamous ‘you’ll never take me alive’.   But there are many mysteries that shroud those events.

The same Producer and Writer team that created BENEATH HILL 60 will produce BANJO & MATILDA – an epic western that will unveil not only the mysteries of the song, but the dramatic story during its writing and the the armed conflict behind the lyrics.

The young colony of Queensland was close to civil war and the dramatic activity of this time is the backdrop for our multi-layered story –  involving Scottish-Australian Christina who arrives in Queensland with a unforgettable tune in her head, Irish-Australian Sarah who arrives with Banjo, and Banjo himself, soon torn between the two women and their differing responses to the chaos and violence happening around them.

Caught in the middle of this is the German Samuel Hoffmeister who becomes the Swagman of the now world famous song.

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