Bill Leimbach


Bill has been producing film and television for over 25 years. His last feature, the critically acclaimed and box office success World War I epic, BENEATH HILL 60, picked up 12 Australian Nominations including Best Film, Best Director and Best Script. His production of the short comedy “DEPARTURE LOUNGE – A BOLLYWOOD AFFAIR” won the Best Comedy of 2015, at the AFI Social Shorts Awards.

Bill attended University in California and Film School in London and worked with the BBC and the UK Film industry for ten years before moving his production company to Australia in the 1980’s from where he has produced over 25 films for National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, BBC, ABC and SBS.

He is also developing the feature film, BANJO & MATILDA, written by Beneath Hill 60 writer, David Roach. Click here to learn more about Banjo & Matilda



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