ABC News spot

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ABC News spot

It was a grand weekend in Winton, with the 100th year anniversary of Waltzing Matilda on Saturday 6 April, 2013. The commemorations were most likely the most jovial in the town that the tune was arguably born, Winton QLD.

Lucky Country Productions producer, Bill Leimbach was invited to be a keynote speaker at this momentous occasion, where he presented the company’s next film, BANJO & MATILDA, a story that is based on Banjo Paterson and the birth of Waltzing Matilda. The event was packed out with high powered media and business executives,   and many were most intrigued to find out more about the next film production which is set to be produced in town (past credits include The Proposition (starring: Guy Pearce), then Mystery Road (starring Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson).

ABC reports…


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