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'Banjo & Matilda' becomes WALTZING MATILDA

Bill Leimbach


Bill has been producing film and television for over 25 years. Raised in California, Leimbach trained in film at the Central London Film School and spent his formative working years with the BBC and in the English film industry.

He worked in the UK Film industry for ten years before moving his production company to Australia in the 1980’s where he formed Lucky Country Productions. It was through this company that he produced over 25 films for the likes of  National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, BBC, ABC and SBS and Australian commercial TV networks 7, 9 and 10.

Since then, he has produced a broad range of product, for an assortment of clients and employers around the world.


BENEATH HILL 60 was his First Feature Film, the Australia World War I epic, distributed by Paramount in early 2010. This WW I saga was a box office hit and picked up 12 Australian Nominations including Best Film and Best Director and Best Script. Click here to learn more about BH60

He is currently developing his next major WW2 motion picture with author and screenwriter, Mandaley Perkins, and together they will take on Singapore in the 1940s with the latest innovation and technology. Click to see more about Singapore Sunset.


He is also developing the feature film, WALTZING MATILDA, to be directed by Morgan O’Neill and written by Beneath Hill 60 writer, David Roach. Click here to learn more about Waltzing Matilda







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Lucky Country Productions Pty Ltd has been producing film, television and music for over 25 years.

Bill Leimbach was born in New York City, then moved to California. He founded Lucky Country Productions when he arrived in Australia after film school in California and London and his 10 years of Film and TV work in the UK.

Clients include:

National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, PBS, BBC, ABC, SBS as well as Australian commercial networks: 7, 9, 10.

LCP’s most recently completed TV projects were two feature length TV specials for HISTORY CHANNEL, with Jack Thompson – one on Gallipoli and another on the Australia’s involvement on the Western Front – both set in WWII.

Their most recent Feature Film was also set in WW1, BENEATH HILL 60, which won 12 Australian Film Awards. In 2010, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Script.

They are now producing two new Feature Films – all historically based.
Waltzing Matilda

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Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale are a Sydney based quartet who grew out of the Northern Beaches music scene. Consisting of brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, Brendan Champion and James Jennings, the group came about after the boys recognised their mutual love of all things pop and their desire to create original and exciting music. Drawing from their classically trained background and experiences from their awkward teenage years, Lime Cordiale strives to create strong pop music with a fresh sound. At first the music seems to span a wide range of genres, but it soon becomes apparent that Lime Cordiale has created a distinct sound and strong style that belongs to this band alone.

Visit their official website by clicking here or for more videos by clicking here


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